Welcome to the Fayette County Bar Association online! The Fayette County Bar Association (FCBA) was founded in 1963 and has a current membership of 104. The FCBA is a non-profit organization which provides a professional and social network for Fayette County lawyers.

Any attorney who is a member of the Georgia Bar Association in good standing may become a member of the FCBA upon application and payment of dues.

The Fayette County Bar Association meets on the first Thursday of every month, beginning at 12:00 noon at the Fayette Senior Service's Life Enrichment Center, 4 Center Drive, Fayetteville, GA. There is generally a guest speaker, followed by a brief business meeting. Guests and prospective members are welcome.

Message From the President

Welcome to a new year with the Fayette County Bar

David Ballard (President 2018)

Message From the Past President

As members of the Fayette County Bar Association, we should look back on 2017 as a year of service, growth, and outreach, both to members of the community and to one another. Thanks to your selfless contributions, we hosted a Court of Appeals panel at Whitewater High School; we donated another large bundle of toys to the Bloom House in Fayetteville for deserving children; and we held the first ever CLE seminar at the Fayette Justice Center. We were also able to adopt a Mission Statement and were edified by legislators and professionals at our monthly meetings.Read More

Jordan M. Jewkes (President 2017)

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